Oca Dome Mandala

Oca Dome Mandala, brought to you by Candomble Kollektif, is an art installation to be used as a sacred space to make the perfect encounter between ancient indigenous rituals, culture and the modern world as an updated dome, an ephemeral multicultural temple. Participants will be taken on a collective experience by the activities of mandala making (Ojos de Dios) .

Inspired by the Oca, which is a space where the shamans teach the people about the harmony, understanding and respect for each other and healing through musical ancient rituals, and the modern dome, which has a Fibonacci geometry structure with the philosophical, mathematical, engineering, history and poetry meaning known as the Golden Ratio. The project focuses on the mix between intuition from the shamans and the logic from the Fibonacci sequence.

The weaving of an Ojo de Dios (Mandalas) is an ancient contemplative and spiritual practice for indigenous people and Tibetan monks and it is the true connection between the old and modern world. The project will enhance the collective affirmative connection, creating a room in the brain for perception and cognition to getting people into a state of meditation, and learning. It will serve to make the participants think about themselves as the modern developing society, and showing them that by working together, the same mistakes won’t be repeated when it comes to global warming and saving this planet. It aims to show that we are one; in this installation ego and identity will not be present, but participants can see the true essence of being.

Source: www.valletta2018.org